Natascha Schwarz

Was born in St.Petersburg.

Studies at the Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy and communication design at the University of Applied Sciences Dusseldorf Since 1998 she works as a freelance illustrator and artist.


1995 International group exhibition / Main Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg

1996 International group exhibition / Main Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg

1997 Solo exhibition / book Gallery Soglasie, Cologne

1999 Solo Exhibition „Unicorn dreams“, Dresdner Bank, Branch Bayentall, Cologne

2001 Solo exhibition / theater Gloria, Cologne

2001 Solo exhibition „The sixth day“ / Art Cabinet Knauf, Cologne

2002 Solo Exhibition / Caffee Contor Cologne, Cologne

2002 International group exhibition „Airoport-art“ / Frankfurt

2003 International group exhibition „The Night“, Depot, Dortmund

2004 group exhibition „G-spot“ Essen

2004 Solo exhibition „Metamorphoses“ art cabinet Knob, Cologne

2004 Solo exhibition, Gallery „Le Siants“, Prague

2004 Solo exhibition, CCI Dortmund

2005 Solo exhibition „Angels“, Galerie Sandra Hoffer, Cologne

2010 Solo exhibition FDP, Spanish construction, City Hall Cologne

2015 Solo exhibition "Works on cardboard" Kirsten Kjær Museum, Denmark

Images in private collections in Germany, France, England, Finland, Japan, Russia, Sweden, USA.


Alpine Pictures, Light Life GmbH, LEG Immobilien GmbH, Water Walkers Motions, Carl Walther GmbH, Medcologne GmbH, Handelsblatt, Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Bundesverband e.V., Staatsballett Berlin, Staatlicher Kremlpalast, Undconsorten LLP, FUCHSBRIEFE, Berliner Unterwelten e.v.